Land & Space Available Today

CentrePort Canada provides investors with significant greenfield development opportunities at very competitive prices. Winnipeg offers low business costs including some of the most affordable industrial land and space in Western Canada.

CentrePort Canada is also partially located in the Rural Municipality of Rosser. To make it easier to do business, the RM has developed a Rosser CentrePort  Zoning By-Law, which can be viewed here, and a draft Rosser CentrePort Secondary Plan, which can be viewed here. For more information about CentrePort and Rosser’s planning initiatives, click here.

Serviced Land Coming Soon

In 2014/2015, tenders were awarded for the extension of water and wastewater servicing to CentrePort. Construction is underway on both projects, which will be extended to CentrePort lands in phases. The first phase is expected to be in service in 2016.

Water will come from a new water treatment plant in the R.M. of Headingley, drawing upon water from the Assiniboine River and providing a regional solution for CentrePort, the Stony Mountain Institution, and neighbouring municipalities. Wastewater servicing will be provided through a service sharing agreement between the City of Winnipeg and R.M. of Rosser. 

Brookside Boulevard is Booming

Development is booming at CentrePort Canada with new and expanded operations taking place at Brookside Business Park, Brookside Industrial Park West and the WAA Campus.

CentrePort has been working closely with real estate partners’ Shindico and DTZ in marketing Brookside area industrial land. The availability of serviced land in the Brookside parks will now enable the partners to negotiate with companies that require serviced land.

More than 500 businesses are already operating at CentrePort Canada, many of them in the transportation, logistics, warehousing and manufacturing sectors. To complement these companies, the corporation is focused on attracting business in the areas of manufacturing and assembly, distribution and warehousing, food processing and commodities, and transportation servicing.

Industrial parks underway...

Recently Announced Expansions

  • Winpak
  • Rosedale Transport Ltd.
  • Trailer Wizards
  • Fort Garry Fire Trucks
  • JEH Windows and Doors
  • Advance Exteriors
  • Cassidy Manufacturing
  • Oil Mart
  • Agri-Food Central
  • GE Canada
  • StandardAero
  • Kaycan Ltd.
  • Bristol Aerospace
  • Canada Post

Picture: Winnipeg Free Press

Did You Know?

Winnipeg has the lowest business costs among major cities in Midwestern Canada and U.S, according to KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives 2014

Winnipeg also has the lowest land costs, operating expenses, and labour rates in Canada for distribution centres, according to a comparison compiled by Yes! Winnipeg and CentrePort Canada Inc.