Tim’s now open in Rosser

by Andrea Geary

Commuters coming into Winnipeg from the north on Route 90 and workers in CentrePort Canada are now able to grab a double-double and doughnut on their way to work.

While the doors to the Tim Hortons at 11 Davis Way opened last week, today was to be the official grand opening, according to franchise owner Jamie Pope. The business is adjacent to Route 90 and lies to the west just over the boundary of the City of Winnipeg and RM of Rosser. 

"We identified this site almost a decade ago," Pope said. 

She and her parents Cathy and Dave Pope also operate Tim’s locations in Elie, Stonewall and at 1795 Brookside Blvd. — not too far south from the new location.

Pope said CentrePort Canada continues to expand with new businesses opening, bringing more workers into the area. As well, the proposed westward extension of Chief Peguis Trail will increase traffic flow close to Davis Way. 

"We’re here a little early but we’re ready for that growth," Pope said. 

The Brookside Tim’s is on the east side of Route 90. Pope said some of her customers there said they can’t easily stop in on their way south because the morning traffic is too heavy. Having another Tim’s on the west side of the highway will allow them to swing by on their way to work. 

The Popes opened their first location on Brookside Boulevard 14 years ago. Pope said they had to wait until water and sewer service was available in the RM of Rosser to be able to go ahead with their plans to develop the new site. Construction began this spring and Pope said the parking lot was paved just before the cold weather set in. 

Like the Popes’ Winnipeg site, the new location will be open 24 hours. 

With no public transit available at the new site, Pope said it does make it a bit harder to hire staff, but some of her employees working at the Brookside Boulevard location were willing to move north. Each Tim’s employs about 65 people. Pope said she and her parents work with the provincial government’s nominee program and the federal government’s foreign worker program to hire immigrants to Canada. They even have bought houses in Stonewall and Elie as living quarters for employees. 

Pope said customers at 11 Davis Way can expect to see the usual Tim’s menu items but chocolate-dipped crullers are something different. 

"Our manager wanted to offer them." Pope added that she’s open to suggestions for other new products. 

As well, the Pope family is watching as northwest Winnipeg keeps growing with an eye to identifying more new Tim’s locations. 

"Where will they need one next?"

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