Affordable Energy & Sustainable Development

CentrePort Canada is powered by Manitoba Hydro – providing customers with reliable, renewable electricity at the lowest published rates in North America.

In addition to providing low-cost power that doesn’t produce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), Manitoba Hydro also offers Power Smart incentives for companies locating in the province – and at CentrePort – which further helps businesses achieve their own environmental targets while reducing energy-related operating expenses.

CentrePort’s partnership with Hydro is one of the corporation’s ongoing efforts to champion green initiatives at the 20,000-acre inland port. These initiatives include:

  • New zoning bylaw – A new form-based zoning bylaw ias been implemented by the RM of Rosser for CentrePort lands. The bylaw requires that development proposals include measures to encourage sustainability (energy efficiency/ green building construction and renovation measures; green product sales; green roof installation; heat island reduction; rail usage; renewable energy sources and tree planting) and active transport (bike paths, storage spaces, walkable streets).
  • CentrePort Canada Rail Park – The new Rail Park will increase rail usage by companies and reduce drayage (short-haul truck) requirements for new business operations that co-locate on site. Rail is considered the greenest form of ground transportation, with freight trains on average being four times more fuel efficient than trucks. Each ton-mile of freight moved by rail (versus road) reduces GHGs by 75 per cent (Association of American Railroads).
  • Protection of tall grass prairie – CentrePort and the Province of Manitoba have planted 150 white spruce trees along CentrePort Canada Way to act as a living wind block, improve public safety along the highway and help beautify the area. Natural grasses and vegetation will be added in the spring. CentrePort and the Province are also ensuring that the planned extension of CentrePort Canada Way protects an important section of tall grass prairie located just west of Winnipeg. 
  • Live, Work, Play and Learn at CentrePort – The corporation supports a “live, work, play and learn” approach to development and this includes the protection of Little Mountain Park and the inclusion of active transport opportunities where appropriate. This approach recognizes that the inland port will also include new residential development and the continued growth of its on-site post-secondary training programs provided by Red River College and industry.