Incentives for Business

Savings at CentrePort include the lowest energy costs in North America, the lowest business costs in mid-western Canada and U.S (KPMG 2014), as well as combined corporate income taxes that are 33 per cent lower in Canada than in the United States. Winnipeg is also the leader in business friendliness and FDI strategy among mid-sized cities in the North American Market (fDi magazine, American Cities of the Future, 2015/16).

Foreign Trade Zone

CentrePort's Foreign Trade Zone program can help a company manage its inventory and cash flow.

  • Duty deferral – duties are waived up front or rebated later.
  • Sales tax relief – exemption from federal goods and services tax (GST).
  • Customs bonded warehouse – sales tax and duty-free storage/distribution facilities.


CentrePort's single-window services for investors include a wide range of benefits. These programs support businesses who are active importers of goods from countries where Canada does not have a free trade agreement or of goods from countries where these products do not move duty or tariff free. The FTZ system helps companies determine which program best suits their business needs and facilitates fast tracked approval.

  • assistance with negotiating incentives
  • fast-tracked land development approvals 
  • access to skilled, abundant labour with competitive wages 
  • training support & training incentives
  • immigration recruitment programs to match industry needs
  • government-funded employee health care costs
  • strong manufacturing and R & D tax credits
  • data processing tax credits
  • no inventory tax