Energy & Mines

CentrePort Canada’s strategic position in the heart of North America makes it is an ideal location for serving the resource-rich regions of North Dakota, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba & Nunavut. Transload operations, heaving equipment laydown and storage, warehousing and distribution, and manufacturing and assembly are just some of the operations that are well suited for CentrePort.

With 20,000 acres of prime industrial land, access to tri-modal transportation, and affordable labour and business costs, CentrePort is the perfect spot for growth and expansion. In fact, CentrePort’s central location means that shipping to Williston, North Dakota is 20-50% cheaper than shipping from other regional cities such as Chicago, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Denver and Houston. Winnipeg is also closer, reducing shipping times by up to 75%. (Cost comparison for Canadian trucking company shipping LTL for 1,000 and 5,000 lb pallets.)

CentrePort is home to a number of mining/ heavy equipment manufacturers and suppliers including ISCO Industries, SMS Equipment and Cassidy Manufacturing. Contact us to talk about growing your business at CentrePort and in Manitoba, which includes several additional advantages:

  • Manitoba Hydro offers the lowest published electricity rates in North America , and has one of the most reliable electrical grids on the continent. Manitoba’s hydroelectricity doesn’t emit greenhouse gases, which helps companies to meet their emissions targets while reducing operating costs.
  • Low mining taxes; the most generous mineral exploration tax credit in Canada ; and a wide range of incentives including sales tax exemptions on geophysical survey and certain exploration equipment, the electricity used in mining operations and prototype equipment.
  • A robust energy and mines industry sector which includes Tundra Oil, EOG Resources Canada, Penn West Petroleum, HudBay Minerals, Vale Canada Ltd., and Manitoba Hydro, as well as numerous equipment and service suppliers.

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